Are some internet merchant accounts (IMAs) easier to integrate into WordPress sites?

Originally a service for publishing blogs, WordPress is now being used by over 25 million websites as a free online platform, and is also a popular e-commerce provider.

If you are choosing a payment service provider for your WordPress site then you need to make sure that there is a plugin available that will allow you to connect it with your shopping cart.

Most shopping carts for WordPress will integrate with major payment gateways such as Authorize.net, Barclaycard ePDQ, SagePay, WorldPay, Paypal and Amazon Checkout.

Shopping Carts

WP e-Commerce

WP e-Commerce is a free WordPress shopping cart plugin which integrates with 11 payment gateways including Authorize.net, Paypal and SagePay. Although the initial download is free, users will have to buy any additional plugins.

One of the premium plugins compatible with WP e-Commerce is the Mijireh Checkout which features over 90 payment gateways from around the world, including Authorize.net, Barclays ePDQ, PayPal, SagePay, WorldPay and more. However, it is worth noting that WP e-Commerce is rated 2.8 stars by WordPress users, largely because of difficulties users have had in customising it to their needs. WP e-Commerce was one of the first plugins, and has been modified a lot over the years, with the result that some web developers have complained the code is poorly optimised.


Woocommerce is a WordPress e-Commerce toolkit which can be downloaded free and includes a PayPal Standard Gateway. Additional plugins are available at a premium and include the Mijireh Checkout with its impressive list of compatible payment gateways.

Standalone Woocommerce plugins give the user access to over 90 gateways, including Amazon, Authorize.net, Elavon, Nochex, Paypal, Sagepay and WorldPay. This service has been given a rating of 4.1 stars by WordPress users, who have praised its easy to use interface, great features and excellent support.

The Cart Press

The Cart Press e-commerce plugin for WordPress supports at least 20 payment gateways and has an average rating of 3.8 stars by WordPress users. The list of payment gateways includes 2Checkout, Barclay Card ePDQ, Sagepay and Paypal, and the company promise that more will be added in future.

This plugin is intended for developers and theme constructors, but is not recommended if you just want to install with a few simple clicks.


The Shopp e-Commerce platform costs 55 US dollars (£35.13) and the majority of Shopp plugins receive a 5 star rating from WordPress users. Core integration includes 2Checkout, Google Checkout and Paypal, while add-ons are available for over 20 payment gateways including Amazon, Authorize.net, Elavon, Paypal, SagePay and WorldPay.

Reviews praise the high quality of this plugin as a tool for developers, and installing it is simple, but it has been criticised for being less simple to run and for its lack of preset themes.


Available in both a free and professional version, the MarketPress e-commerce plugin is one of the most popular, rated 3.3 stars by WordPress users. One plugin costs 9 US dollars (£5.75) and full membership with unlimited plugins costs 19 US dollars (£12.14) “ both payment plans include one month of support. Supported payment gateways include 2Checkout, Authorize.net, Google Checkout, Paypal and more. However, some reviews complain of poor customer service, and it is recommended for experienced users due to the lack of documentation.

Standalone Plugins

Barclaycard ePDQ

Barclaycard Merchant Account reviewBarclaycard have an official software partner, customweb, who develop plugins for an array of Content Management Systems. There are three available for WordPress “ the E-Commerce Barclaycard ePDQ Payment Plugin, the JigoShop Barclaycard ePDQ Payment Plugin and the WooCommerce Barclaycard ePDQ Payment Plugin.


PayPal reviewWhile it cannot be considered a merchant account, Paypal is a very safe option when integrating payment options into a website. In addition to the WordPress e-commerce solutions, there are two highly rated standalone plugins available at codecanyon “ the PayPal File Download WordPress Plugin for selling file downloads such as e-books or music, priced at 20 US dollars (£12.70), and the PayPal Payment Terminal for taking donations or accepting payments, priced at 12 US dollars (£7.60).

Amazon Checkout

Amazon Payments reviewAmazon Checkout, like Paypal, is well supported by integration plugins. Amazon itself does not support WordPress, but in addition to the WP e-Commerce and Shopp systems, there is the WP Zon Builder which can be implemented with no coding knowledge necessary and contains a host of features such as Amazon search, sidebar widgets and the ability to incorporate Amazon products on your site.