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Barclays Merchant Accounts

In the UK, more than 70% of all sales are now made by credit or debit card instead of cash. With a Merchant Account from Barclays you’ll be able to offer customers a range of more convenient payment options, including face-to-face, online or by phone. These secure transactions ensure that you won’t miss out on income from cashless transactions.

Barclaycard Merchant Services account for a third of all credit and debit card transactions in the UK and with such a secure yet user-friendly approach to transaction processing, Barclays are an ideal choice for SMEs throughout the UK.

This article will cover what your business can expect from a Barclaycard merchant account:

  1. Products and services
  2. Face-to-face payments
  3. Online payments
  4. MOTO payments
  5. Business Benefits
  6. Drawbacks
  7. Next Steps: Saving money for your business

Products and services

Barclaycard’s payment solutions allow your business to accept and process credit card transactions from customers who want to pay by Visa, MasterCard or JCB. It’s also easy to add American Express card acceptance to your Barclays merchant account with an Amex merchant agreement. If accepting debit cards, there will be virtually no restrictions on the card types you can accept.

So what’s on offer from a Barclays merchant account?

  • Multiple methods of accepting card payments (inc. face-to-face, online and by phone)
  • A range of PDQ card machines (inc. wireless, desktop and 3gps)
  • Business credit or charge cards
  • Expert business advice
  • Card cost calculators to help you save more money

Handling face-to-face payments

As with nearly all merchant service offers, your Barclays account will provide you with a PDQ machine that lets you accept and process card payments. The type of PDQ machine you receive will depend on the needs of your business and how your customers want to pay.

PDQ machines are an essential part of the modern face-to-face transaction and can process customer payments in real-time, so you will know immediately if there’s not enough money on a customer’s card to complete a transaction. Payment security is covered by chip & pin as well as Barclays own fraud –prevention software.

There are three types of PDQ machine available to you:

Desktop PDQ Machines

Also known as an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS), this Barclaycard card machine is the most common choice for retailers and is relatively cheap too. The desktop PDQ card machine is small and compact making it ideal busy countertops and small businesses space.

It comes with either a built-in or separate number pad for PIN entry, so you don’t necessarily have to pass the card reader back and forward between you and the customer.

Customers can make contactless payments of up to £30 with this PDQ machine.

Ideal for: Accepting card payments at a point of sale (POS)
Cost per month: £15.00 + VAT
Requirements: Internet landline or broadband router

Portable PDQ Machine

Another recognisable Barclaycard PDQ is the portable card machine. This is the card processing device you’ve probably used to pay a bill when eating out. They’re ideal for businesses in the service industry, e.g. restaurants, cafes, bars etc. where customers tend to pay where they’re sat instead of at a specified checkout.

Portable Barclaycard PDQ machines can also be used in larger stores (e.g. an Apple store) to minimise congestion at points of sale and make payments more convenient for customers.

These devices have a battery that will require charging and process cards by connecting to the internet wirelessly.

Ideal for: Accepting card payments anywhere on the sales-floor
Cost per month: £20.00 + VAT
Requirements: Wireless internet connection

Mobile PDQ Machine

Finally, there’s the mobile card reading machine. Just like your mobile phone it has a SIM card, which enables you to accept payments on-the-go. These PDQ terminals are ideal for businesses that don’t have a fixed location such as pop-ups, shows, exhibitions and one-off events.

They’re also handy for businesses that make deliveries and want to take payment in person.

Mobile terminals tend to be small and lightweight, making them easy enough to carry around – you’ll just have to remember to keep the battery charged!

Ideal for: Accepting card payments on-the-go – anytime, anywhere
Cost per month: £25.00 + VAT
Requirements: A mobile signal


Accepting Online Payments

Businesses using Barclaycard merchant services process more than £90bn worth of online payments every year.

Thankfully, Barclays make it easy for you to process card payments online with their e-PDQ system. This online processing system offers a number of different options that can be tweaked to your business requirements.

The three choices are:

e-PDQ Essential

Entry-level solution for digital card transactions. Includes Barclaycard branded pages for added customer peace of mind.

Costs start at £20 + VAT pcm.

e-PDQ Extra

Mid-tier online payment solution that includes additional fraud protection and allows multiple staff members to process payments at the same time.

Costs start from £45 + VAT pcm.

e-PDQ Extra Plus

Top-tier payment processing for enterprises or large businesses. Includes international payments and extensive expert support.

Costs start at £75 + VAT pcm.

Accepting International Payments

Barclays card services can help expand your customer-base by opening up your business to customers in different countries around the world. Even when you’re asleep, you can be safe in the knowledge that your customers’ card transactions are still being processed quickly and simply.

Be aware that a small deduction will be made for currency conversion before your money is transferred from the Barclaycard merchant services account and into your business account.

Mail orders and telephone orders (MOTO)

You can also use Barclaycard payment solutions to accept and process transactions over the phone, by post or by fax. There are two options available:

e-PDQ MOTO Essential

Entry-level solution for MOTO payments aimed at businesses who expect to take smaller transactions. Includes fraud protection and can accept all major credit cards. Fraud support is included.

Costs start from £15.00 + VAT pcm.

e-PDQ MOTO Extra

Upgraded MOTO payment processing that offers all of the Essential package as well as the capacity to accept multiple currencies, additional user accounts and email notifications for customers.

Costs start from £45.00 + VAT pcm.

Business benefits of a Barclays merchant account

A merchant account with Barclays card services means that established businesses can customise and integrate Barclays’ services into their existing website. It also means that start-ups can create a website around the services, with no need for high technical skills.

Barclays are also one of the biggest merchant account providers in the UK, whose transparent list of competitive payment rates helps businesses know almost exactly what they’ll be paying for the services and products they choose.

Another positive is that transactions are generally processed quickly, so you’ll have money in your account sooner rather than later.

Customer service is also a priority for Barclays so support staff are all product experts who offer quick, friendly support. An added bonus is that they are all based in the UK.

Drawbacks of Barclays Merchant Services

As Barclays are a financial services provider first and foremost, their approval criteria are similar to that for loans, and are typically stricter than other providers.

This means that business who have taken out a loan previously, or have questionable credit ratings may be declined as Barclays determine there is a risk of customers not receiving their products or services after payment.

Next Steps: Saving money for your business

Ready to take credit and debit card payments for your business? Once you have a Barclaycard payment solution, you’ll be able process more payments and boost your bottom line.

Comparing prices to find the best merchant account deals couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is fill in the form on top on this page and let us know a few key details about what your business needs.