credorax merchant account services

Credorax offer a unified acquiring and payment processing solution that is available for online merchants including those who are involved in m-commerce (transactions conducted by mobile phone).

They have a fully automated process which allows any merchant to begin online trading within a couple of days of applying for an account. They are a fully licensed company and a principal member of both Visa and Mastercard.

Their payment systems are available in a number of different currencies, are fully PCI compliant, and come with a comprehensive suite of reporting and analytic tools which allow you to analyse the health of your company on a continuous basis. Credorax support a wide range of businesses from small retailers to more high risk financial services.


  1. Credorax Background
  2. Credorax Merchant Account Offering
  3. Credorax Summary

Credorax Background

Credorax were set up in 2007 by three partners with a background in law and PSPs. They are based in Malta and are licensed in all EU states and several other jurisdictions. They also have offices in Boston and Tel Aviv. They are a relatively small company for an acquiring bank, employing around 114 staff, however they do focus entirely on the acquiring bank role unlike other larger players in the market.

A recent investment from Japanese venture capital company, Mobile Internet Capital, has also been secured in order that the firm may access the Japanese acquiring market with a strategic partner who understands it best. In addition, the company have recently entered a strategic alliance with ReD to integrate their fraud prevention systems.

Credorax Merchant Accounts

As Credorax were the first acquiring platform designed for e-commerce, they can uniquely offer their Payment Gateway and acquiring services in one. The advantage of this for the customer comes in the shape of lower transaction fees, higher approval rates and a fully comprehensive service.

Each customer is given a personalised quote upon application but overall transaction fees are considerably less than the typical 2% per credit card and 23p per debit card transactions charged by other acquirers.

All Credorax accounts come with advanced fraud protection, dedicated account managers, compliance check up services and Credorax Business Analytics.

Company Summary

Overall there are many advantages to using Credorax for your online payments. Having a unified platform simplifies the process for merchants and is designed to maximise the growth of your business. 24 hour support is available (by phone and online) and all support is English speaking.

Costs are very competitive and the company’s detailed business analytics are very informative for all types of trader. There is, however, one potential drawback as Credorax haven’t yet been licensed to operate in the USA or Japan. That said, they currently in the process of applying for these licences and expect them to be granted.

Disclaimer: All prices quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.