halifax merchant account

Halifax, formerly known as Halifax Building Society, is one of the UK’s premier banks, offering a whole range of services including mortgages, insurance and savings accounts. It also has a number of services for businesses, including merchant accounts which are provided through Cardnet.
In this article we’ll cover:

  1. Halifax’s Background
  2. Halifax’s Merchant Account Services
  3. Halifax’s Fees

Halifax’s Background

Halifax started out as a building society in 1853 in the West Yorkshire town which it was named after. It quickly grew to become the UK’s leading building society until it turned into a public limited company in 1997. In 2001, Halifax merged with the Bank of Scotland, forming what became known as Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS). In 2009, Lloyds Banking Group took over HBOS, and Halifax is now a full subsidiary of Lloyds Bank.

As part of Lloyds Bank, Halifax offers merchant accounts through Cardnet.

Halifax’s Merchant Account Services

Halifax offers merchant services according to the type of transactions you make: face-to-face, over-the-phone or by post, or online. Clients can, of course, choose a combination or all three services if necessary.

1. Face-to-face transactions

Halifax offers a good range of card readers or terminals to help retailers, garages, bars and restaurants process card payments quickly. Clients can choose from desktop terminals, portable Bluetooth card readers and SIM mobile machines.

2. Phone or mail transactions

This service allows merchants to take payments over the phone or by post through the use of a virtual terminal. The virtual terminal is a secure web page where merchants can log in their customers’ card details securely. Setting up this type of service is quick and easy as there is no need for card readers.

3. Online transactions

Halifax Cardnet provides a complete service to help merchants set up their online payment process— from opening their merchant accounts to supplying the shopping cart for their websites. Transactions are guaranteed to be secure, fast and smooth and the setup process itself is simple.

All accounts come with a joining fee and have a 12-month minimum contract. Credit card transaction fees are charged as a percentage of each transaction value while debit card transactions have a flat fee. There is also a rental fee for terminals if you decide to use them.

Halifax’s Fee Structure

As all the services are flexible and customisable, prices are discussed only upon discussion with Halifax Cardnet sales specialists.


Halifax is a reputable and reliable bank with millions of clients. Its merchant services are designed to fit and suit the needs of your business, regardless of its size. Merchant accounts come with plenty of optional add-on services, such as multi-currency processing and a comprehensive web-based online reporting system to help you streamline your reconciliation processes.

The UK-based customer services are available during office hours from Monday to Saturday.

Disclaimer: All the data quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.