paypoint merchant account reviewsPayPoint is a provider of merchant accounts that offers convenient payment options and services for their clients. Indeed, the company state that they handle almost 740 million transactions annually for more than 6,000 businesses.

PAypoint have established a large international network that can efficiently process transactions and have over 25,000 locally based shops. Their services provide convenient solutions for all types of business and the company has over 15 years of experience in the retail services sector.

However, in order to determine whether PayPoint provides services that are reliable and useful, it is necessary to check the company’s reception by comparing reviews across the internet. The following is designed to provide a brief overview of what customers think of PayPoint’s services.


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PayPoint has received a low 4.1 out of 10 from 11 reviews on TrustPilot. One reviewer gives PayPoint 4 stars out of 5 stating that they have a “good payment service and online support”, and another mentions they were “really impressed with their support”. Another customer states that they would “recommend [PayPoint’s] payment gateway” as they are “confident they would be able to help you out” should any problem arise.

However, most reviewers describe PayPoint as “terrible” and a “total joke”. One customer complains that they are “still waiting to have the ability to see [their] account balance (after) over 12 months”, while other people mention that PayPoint’s system is “terrible and mostly unusable”.

Another reviewer states: “I have never received worse customer service from any other company” and that “after 14 days they have continued to fail again and again to provide any level of customer support”.

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PayPoint reviews at

At Reviewcentre, PayPoint have a score of just 1.4 / 5 from 9 reviews. One reviewer states that the company “will start taking your Direct Debit even if you don’t give your consent,” further commenting that “their customer care does not care so you will be wasting your time” and that although they have “requested to refund [their] money, they have never received a reply.”

Another reviewer describes PayPoint’s “ridiculous support” with their “amateur and badly trained staff” and further states that they “won’t renew [their] contract with them and would totally advise anyone to keep away from them.”

More reviews describe the company as “simply hopeless [as] they never reply to emails” and another person mentions that PayPoint’s “complete disregard for (them) as a customer” resulted in them choosing a different merchant account provider.

However, one reviewer gives PayPoint 5 stars, stating that they “have been very impressed by the service” and that the “staff have bent over backwards to support and grow (their) business from the outset”. They further state that they would “recommend PayPoint to any business large or small”.

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PayPoint reviews at

One forum member on this website mentions that PayPoint “has pretty awful customer communication” and discusses the “problems (they had) just trying to get some basic info” about helping a customer integrate their software. Furthermore, they complain that “not all of the information requested was provided” and that PayPoint’s answers “just came back in a typically formulaic fashion”.

Another member agrees with general opinion on the forum, and compares PayPoint’s payment fees with a rival company, concluding that PayPoint is more expensive when compared to the other company’s cheaper fees.

Reviews Round Up

These reviews show that PayPoint’s reception from customers is generally less than favourable. Although a few customers report general satisfaction with PayPoint’s services and support, most have had a number of issues.

Many customers complain of poor integration and lack of communication from PayPoint, with further problems arising from PayPoint’s refusal to provide refunds or help a customer to close their account. PayPoint don’t seem to provide detailed information related to their policies and have closed down customer accounts for no apparent reason, with the customer finding it difficult to contact the company for answers.

PayPoint have also been accused of holding money for extended periods of time or withdrawing money from Direct Debit accounts without an explanation, and customers have lost money as a result of these issues.