realex payments merchant account review

Realex Payments is one of the largest European card payment service providers, serving over 12,500 retailers and with more than 160 employees in Dublin, London and Paris.

The company has provided services to clients like Virgin Atlantic Airways, Vodafone Ireland and Aer Lingus.


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Releax Payments Background

Founded in 2000 by entrepreneur Colm Lyon, Realex has grown exponentially since its inception, expanding from Ireland into the UK market and now, France.

Amidst the global recession of 2008, Realex went ahead with its plans to gain a strong footing in Europe. Recently, it signed a deal with French bank BNP Paribas to allow payments to be processed directly into accounts of customers in the country. The company is boldly carrying out plans to expand the business, partnering up with major banks in Europe to be the main payment gateway provider in the region.

Releax Payments Merchant Services: What’s On Offer

Realex offers you a comprehensive payment solution for your customers. This package contains a variety of features, such as online payment processing, virtual terminal,  secure card details storage, support for a wide range of shopping carts, mail or over-the-phone payment processing, plus the option to integrate the payment platform into your website or use a hosted payment page.

For an extra £5 a month, you can also enable PayPal payments through your Realex merchant account. This package allows you 50 transactions a month, with a fee of 9p for excess transactions.

Realex offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to suit the size and needs of your business. For instance, you can make use of its online reporting tool to keep track of your transactions. You can also use currency management tools so that your customers can pay you in their own currency. There’s also system support for refunds and void transactions management.

Realex Payments Summary

Realex is continuously developing ways to make online payments for customers hassle-free while eliminating any existing problems when choosing a payment gateway. Opening a merchant account with Realex is quick and easy, and you can rely on their reputable customer support team to give you and your team the training and support you need.

The pricing schedule is straightforward and there are no hidden fees. On top of these, you will be offered a business payment gateway solution that’s tailored to your specific needs. Even if you are an emerging entrepreneur, Realex will provide you access to the best financial institutions, shopping carts, online platforms and developers which will help you get started with online trading. This will allow your business to grow in terms of revenue and help you deliver superior customer service.

Disclaimer: Prices quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.