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Secure Trading is an independent payment processing solutions provider, headquartered in London’s Canary Wharf, it also has offices in the United States and operates globally. They were founded in 1997, and remain privately held, and they state that as they are not owned by a bank they are able to impartially advise their clients about the most suitable banks, shopping carts and eCommerce partners to use.

They have dedicated products catering to both SMEs and large international corporations, and they can offer them as bespoke solutions.


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Secure Trading Background

Secure Trading are integrated with major banks all over the world and its services are compatible with most major shopping carts. They offer competitive pricing and multiple payment options, as well as customisable payment pages.

Secure Trading also have a number of protective counter-fraud services, in addition to a number of software solutions to ensure smooth integration with a business’s website.

Secure Trading has earned its reputation for security and reliability – their payment gateway is level 1 PCI DSS compliant a processes billions of pounds of online transactions per year, and has a good uptime record. Telephone support is available 24-7, and all calls are answered in person.

Secure Trading’s Products

1. Virtual Terminal

Secure Trading provides an easy-to-use web interface that merchants can use to take card payments over the phone or by mail. This service allows for multiple users and accepts a variety of payment methods. Implementation is quick and simple, which means you can start using the service straight away.

2. Merchant Services

Secure Trading helps businesses set up their merchant accounts so they can start trading online. It will find the most appropriate acquirer for each merchant client and negotiate the best rates for them.

3. Online Payment Gateway

Secure Trading’s payment gateway is known for being fast and reliable. It has a 99.7% uptime (availability), which means that customers are protected from long waits and faulty rejections, thus ensuring that the checkout process is completed successfully each time. It also allows for multiple payment methods, including alternative payments such as Ukash and SOFORT Banking. Secure Trading also has rapid implementation options for its payment gateway, whether you choose your payment to be integrated into your website or for Secure Trading to host it.

All services come with an extensive monitoring and reporting suite to help you keep track of your transactions.

Secure Trading Fee Structure

  • The standalone virtual terminal service starts at £10 a month.
  • Merchant account setup fee is £75 and rates start at 2% per credit card transaction and 25p per debit card transaction.
  • Rates for the online payment gateway are not published online.

Secure Trading Reviews

We’ve looked at reviews from around the web to see what people are saying about Secure Trading. By looking at reviews based on customer experience and feedback, we’ve tried to determine how Secure Trading’s services are generally received.

Review at

This website considers Secure Trading’s payment gateway to be “one of the UK’s leading independent payment processors”. They view Secure Trading’s payment system as being “reliable” with the ability to accept multiple currencies and having a series of fraud management controls.

They further praise Secure Trading’s integration system, as it can be “done quickly and easily” in order to get an online store up and running.

Reviews at

A member of this forum states that they use Secure Trading for their business transactions and although they “don’t think they are the cheapest” in terms of both rates and fees, they view Secure Trading’s customer support as being “second to none”.

Another customer states: “I would recommend Secure Trading as [a] payment gateway [as] they have excellent customer service” and that the “integration and documentation is easy to understand”.

Review at

Secure Trading is considered to provide a “secure merchant account” and notes the numerous payment options (for example through PayPal or credit card). They mention that setting up an account with Secure Trading enables them to “minimise the chances of fraudulent transactions”.

The website also mentions that Secure Trading has the “most reliable and secure payment gateway system” and that setting up a merchant account “is easy and hassle free”. It is also noted that Secure Trading “has an outstanding fraud management control” and this enables “suspicious transactions [to be] instantly identified and then measures are taken”.

However, a comment from a customer of Secure Trading states that they have been holding a substantial amount of money for “the past 5 months” and complains “once you start receiving payments through them they are missing”. Other people on the website state that they have had no problems and that “payments are on time”.

The full review can be read here

Reviews at

On this website  Secure Trading is considered to be “ideal for those new to online trading” or who might be looking to “switch Payment Service Provider” as they offer a “complete solution for online trading”.

Review at

This site states that one of the main issues with Secure Trading is that businesses that want to “trade on the web” have problems getting a “Merchant Account from the bank at a transaction rate that suits their business”.

However, they further suggest that “Secure Trading’s network of acquirers” can actually “save customers time and effort and give them access to lower transaction rates”, and customers “normally get their money direct into their account within 7 days”.

Summary of Secure Trading Merchant Services

The above reviews show that Secure Trading is generally considered to be a reliable and helpful online banking and payments provider for merchant accounts. They are praised for offering a range of options and security measures to help prevent fraud and protect a customer’s business finances.

Secure Trading’s integration services are considered to be easy to use, with good customer support providing help with any issue, which can help to save time and money.

However, a few customers have had a bad experience with Secure Trading’s payment system and have complained that large amounts of money have been held and not paid into their accounts over a long time period.


Disclaimer: All data quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.