streamline merchant account

Streamline is considered to be one of Europe’s most successful providers of merchant accounts. They offer services tailored to an individual’s specific business requirements through an efficient card payment system.

Customer feedback is important to Streamline, as they ask customers twice a year why they prefer Streamline to other similar banking solutions, and where their service could be improved.


  1. Streamline Background
  2. Streamline Merchant Service Offering
  3. Streamline Fees
  4. Streamline Summary
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Streamline Background

Streamline launched as a UK-based payment service provider in 1989. In 2002 it was purchased along with WorldPay by Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), although the two continued to function as separate brands.

RBS expanded rapidly acquiring a number of other European payment brands, but in 2010 it was forced to sell a majority stake WorldPay and Streamline as a condition of it’s government bail-out package. WorldPay (and Streamline operating under the same brand) was bought by Advent International and Bain Capital.

Streamline Merchant Accounts: What’s Offered?

Streamline offer their clients the whole package, ranging from a variety of terminals such as tabletop and mobile devices or processing face-to-face transactions, to ecommerce solutions allowing SMEs to safely, securely, and conveniently process payments made online or via telephone for products and services.

1. Merchant accounts

All businesses accepting credit and debit card payments, whether online, face-to-face or over the phone, need a merchant account in which to receive the funds. It is similar to a bank account that is exclusively used for such transactions.

2. Card machines

Streamline provide PDQ terminals (AKA card processing machines) that comply with PCI regulations and are easy to use. There are portable, mobile and countertop versions available to choose from .

3. Online payments

Online businesses need to be set up with a payment gateway that attached to your existing (eCommerce enabled) website. Streamline will help you with this process, so that you can take secure online payments with one of their online payment options.

4. Mail and phone payments

Mail order/telephone order (MOTO) virtual terminals allow you to take payments by entering card details to a secure web page or over the telephone.

Streamline Fee Structure

Streamline do not publish their fees, rather they tailor them to your business – using volume and average transaction value.

Streamline Merchant Services Summary

With a vast range of services and products available to UK businesses, Streamline are an excellent choice for both established SMEs wishing to expand their business with the use of mobile or portable terminals, for example, as well as for startups looking to venture into online retailing for the first time. Streamline are also the chosen partner of the Federation of Small Businesses, so all FSB members have access to these services.

Streamline Merchant Accounts Reviews

By examining a number of customer reviews regarding Streamline’s services, it will be possible to determine how Streamline’s banking services are received by customers.

Reviews at

Streamline’s services are highly regarded on this forum. One member states that they have had “fault free [service]… over 5 years… with a telephone support that does the business perfectly every time”. Other members consider Streamline’s service to be “great [and] … have not had any problems… and their tech team were great with the integration”.

Another benefit mentioned relates to joining the Federation of Small Business (FSB), which allows Streamline members to get preferential rates in light of a deal struck between the two organisations.

Reviews at

Customer opinions regarding Streamline’s banking services are generally positive on this forum. The site administrator states that if you’re an FSB member “you’ll get cheaper rates and set up fee with Streamline”.

Another member notes that they “never had the need to contact [customer] support”, whereas after doing some research another member states that Streamline “offered [the] best rates and service”.

However, another member switched to a different provider as “the POS terminal (was) far better than the standard Streamline one” and that this service was “far quicker”, cutting out “the extra 3.5p per call authorisation fee” Streamline was charging.

Review at

The reviewer here considers Streamline to be “the largest affordable… service in the UK” as they “strive to reduce costs for card payments”. Another benefit mentioned relates to saving money by using Streamline’s merchant services as they offer “substantial savings on processing costs each month”.

Furthermore, the site states that as Streamline “handles approximately half of all UK card transactions”, they consider them to have the necessary experience and knowledge in order to provide good deals for all their customers, depending on the nature of their business.

Streamline Reviews Summary

All this evidence shows that Streamline is highly respected in the field of online banking solutions and merchant accounts. They are considered to offer good, affordable deals relating to reduced costs and have good customer support, with a number of extra benefits if the customer is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

However, a few customers did change to a different merchant accounts provider due to cheaper fees, but this appears to depend on the specific nature of a client’s business requirements. Another issue which arose is that Streamline doesn’t offer set prices unlike other providers.

Overall, Streamline’s reception is generally positive, with good rates, service and customer feedback for the majority of customers across the UK and Europe.