card cutters payment gateway

Why should you consider a Card Cutters Payment Gateway?

Card Cutters works with smaller businesses, enabling them to process online transactions. They offer a flexible service that can be tweaked depending on your needs.

This article will look at:

What does Card Cutters do?

Card Cutters is a merchant solutions company that provides SMEs with various payment processing products and services. It offers card terminals, virtual terminals and e-commerce solutions. The company takes pride in its transparent pricing system and flexibility in offering customers the perfect card processing service for their needs.

Who are Card Cutters?

The company was founded in 2009, with the founding members having three decades of experience in the card payments market behind them. The concept behind the company was to give UK businesses an alternative to the merchant accounts from banks that charged premium prices.

Since then, Card Cutters has grown impressively. They now have a dedicated nationwide team based in Nottinghamshire. As of last count, they have over 3000 clients whom they have helped save over £900,000 annually.

For the provision of merchant accounts, Card Cutters operate in partnership with Allied Irish Bank (AIB) and it’s sister company Global Card Solutions provides the point-of-sale hardware.

What does Card Cutters offer?

1. Terminals

Card Cutters offers a wide range of terminals, including static or desktop terminals, contactless terminals for transactions worth £20 or less, bluetooth terminals that are ideal for bars and restaurants, portable GPRS terminals and virtual terminals that allow merchants to take card payments by phone, fax or mail.

2. Business Start-Up / Lite User

This bespoke service is designed for small businesses, with monthly fees starting at £9.99. Offered as an 18-month contract, the package has no joining nor authorisation fees.

3. Short-Term Exhibition Hire

Card Cutters also offer GPRS terminals for short-term hire, allowing merchants to accept and process payments even outside of their normal premises. The minimum hire period is 3 days. Apart from the hire rate, there’s also a delivery and return fee of £30 per terminal.

Length of Hire Rate (Excluding VAT)
1 day £23.00
1 week £115.00
1 month £150.00
3 months £200.00
6 months £300.00
12 months £450.00

4. Low-Cost Mobile Terminal

Card Cutters has partnered with Payatrader to provide small businesses with affordable chip and PIN mobile terminal rental options. This service allows merchants to rent a mobile terminal for as low as £3 a week or buy one for £199 with a weekly rate of £1.50 for support and SIM usage. The service comes with a 12-month initial contract, after which you can return the terminal if you choose to do so. There’s a joining fee of £99 but there’s a £25 discount if you quote a code found on the Card Cutters website.

5. E-commerce Trading

This product allows merchants to integrate payment processing solutions into their own websites. It comes with free customer support and 24/7 system monitoring. You will also get to have your checkout page designed to suit the feel and look of your website. What’s more, you have the option of integrating the platform into your existing business systems, such as your ERP system.

Pricing Structure

The following prices are correct as of the date published.

Package Num of Transactions Included Transaction Fee (Above Allowance) Monthly Rate
E-Terminal (Virtual Terminal) 100 £0.15 £10.00
eCommerce inc. E-Terminal (Online & Virtual Terminal) 350 £0.09 £19.00

Why choose Card Cutters?

Card Cutters merchant accounts are popular among small businesses because of the simple pricing policy and the acclaimed customer service the company offers. There are no hidden charges, and you will always find a card payment solution to fit your unique business needs.

Disclaimer: All prices quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.

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