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DataCash Payments is a division of MasterCard and a leading payment gateway provider.

Help you decide if they are the right payment gateway choice for your business, this article will look at:

What do DataCrash do?

DataCash is a payment processing provider company which offers a global gateway to secure multi-channel payment processing and fraud and risk management services. Founded in 1996, it has been a division of MasterCard since 2010.

The company serves around 30,000 merchants globally.

Who are DataCrash?

DataCash was founded in 1996 to provide payment solution for e-commerce organisations. It provides global gateway services for multi-channel payment processing to banks and merchants along with risk management and fraud protection.

The company is now wholly owned by MasterCard. Along the way it made several acquisitions. These include:

  • Proc-Cyber Services (2006)
  • EuroCommerce (2007)
  • ACK (2008)
  • EasyDebit (2008)
  • Smart Voucher (2008)
  • 3rd Man (2009/10)

The company was acquired by MasterCard in 2010 for £333 million.

DataCash processes around a billion transactions a year. Its advanced fraud protection systems are claimed to block £1 million of fraud attempts day. DataCash also provides while label services to other acquirers.

What does DataCrash offer?

The primary product is debit and credit card processing using chip and pin machines and payment gateways.

DataCash do not publish their rates on their website.

Why choose DataCrash ?

Owned by MasterCard, there is no doubt that DataCash is one of the most secure and reliable credit and debit card processing solutions available currently.

For companies seeking multi-channel payment processing and high levels of fraud protection this would appear to be an excellent choice.

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