payworks payment gateways

Looking for easier mobile integration? Meet the Payworks payment gateway!

Payworks specialises in providing merchants with mobile-ready solutions for their transaction processing needs.

In this overview, we’ll take a closer look at:

What does Payworks do?

Payworks is a new company specialising in mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) technology. The company is committed to providing tools to merchant service providers that make it easy for them to integrate mobile technology into their payment processing solutions for their clients.

Who are Payworks?

Payworks was founded in Munich, Germany in 2012 by a group of experienced payment processing professionals. Since its inception, the company has developed mobile integration software tools for several payment services providers in Europe, including ICP, NORDpay and PayUnity.

What does Payworks offer?

Payworks provides software development for businesses in the merchant services industry so they can create a platform from which to offer mobile payment solutions to their clients. Payworks delivers the following features with their services:

1. Developer Tools

Payworks provides the necessary tools required by any business for mobile integration—from software development kits (SDKs) for any mobile platform you use to server application program interfaces (APIs) for a detailed and more complex integration.

2. Global Connectivity

Payworks delivers a mobile platform connected to leading acquiring banks around the world, ensuring that you will be able to accept card payments from customers anywhere they may be.

3. Shopper Apps

If you are an online retailer and have a shopping app, you can easily integrate the payworks payment gateway feature into the app so that your customers can shop and pay using a single platform.

4. Certified Hardware

Using payworks SDKs gives merchants access to payworks-compatible Chip and PIN readers with a single integration process. These readers are completely PCI compliant and can process transactions quickly and smoothly.

Supported Card Readers:

  • Miura Systems Shuttle 006
  • Miura Systems M010
  • Miura Systems M007
  • VeriFone PAYware Mobile e105
  • VeriFone PAYware Mobile e315
  • VeriFone PAYware Mobile e335

5. Merchant Boarding and Management

Payworks also provides an optimized automated merchant boarding system which allows users to enhance their operational productivity and efficiently manage their payment flows.

6. White Label App

The White Label Chip and PIN is a complete out-of-the-box solution to give merchants and developers a head start in mobile payment processing. It has a merchant app along with integrated hardware, a merchant dashboard and fully automated merchant boarding, all of which will carry the branding of the merchant client.

Pricing Structure

Pricing is dependent on the type of software integration you will need.

Why choose Payworks?

Payworks aims to make mobile point-of-sale technology and hardware quick and easy to integrate into existing payment solutions.

It offers a variety of developer tools to implement and improve payment workflow while securing your transactions. It offers integration into shopper apps, merchant apps and is compatible with a range of Chip and PIN machines. Its setup and support team is based in Germany and can easily be contacted through e-mail.

Disclaimer: All data quoted in this article is true at the time of publication.

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