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SagePay is one of the best known payment processing companies in Europe. It has a wide range of customers, from small businesses to famous corporate brands. It offers tailored solutions to clients and has a number of services and products to help businesses grow.


  1. SagePay’s Background
  2. SagePay’s Payment Gateway Offering
  3. SagePay Fees
  4. SagePay Summary


The company’s story goes all way back to 2001 when Protx arrived on the merchant services scene to help British SMEs avail of safe and easy online payment services. It was promptly accredited by major banks, including Lloyds, Bank of Scotland, Barclays and HSBC.

Protx was acquired by the Sage Group in 2003 and officially rebranded as SagePay in 2009. Three years later, the company acquired Integral Computers Ltd, which marked its entry into the card reader payment market. This led the way to SagePay becoming the market leader in multi-channel payments in the UK.

SagePay currently has 250 employees across Europe and serves over 50,000 customers, processing millions of transactions each year.

SagePay Card Processing Services: What’s on Offer

1. Card machines

SagePay offers a range of countertop, portable and contactless card reading machines plus an EPOS integration option. Users can also offer loyalty cards to their customers and accept card payments over the phone.

2. Online payments

SagePay offers a wide range of payment methods that users can add or remove any time. They will benefit from single-click payment processes, continuous authority payments, 3D authentication and the ability to offer customers Gift Aid and deferred payments.

There are two packages for online payments: Business and Corporate. The Business package costs £25 a month and covers 1,000 transactions per quarter. Transactions above this number will each cost 10p. The Corporate package comes with extra features such as a dedicated account manager and EPOS integration and has bespoke pricing.

3. Mail and telephone payments

SagePay has an intuitive virtual terminal interface that merchants can use to accept card payments over the phone or by mail. This service comes in three packages: Business, Business+ and Corporate. The Business package gives you up to 300 transactions per quarter at £15 a month. The Business+ package, which costs £25 a month, allows you up to10,000 transactions per quarter with each additional transaction costing 10p. The Corporate package has bespoke pricing.

4. Invoice payments

This service allows businesses to issue online invoices to customers so they can pay with their credit or debit cards, thus saving time chasing payments or waiting for cheques or cash to arrive. This service costs £15 a month and covers 1,000 transactions per quarter, with every additional transaction costing 10p.

5. Merchant accounts

SagePay offers this service with competitive rates and no long-term contracts. Fees are charged per transaction and are dependent on the payment methods used.

Fee Structure

Visa and MasterCard1.99%
Debit card40p
Extra fee for transactions processed without 3D secure0.5% for credit cards; 10p for debit cards
Commercial, purchasing or business cards2.5% plus 0.01%  to 1.1% premium


SagePay is a trusted brand in the payment processing solutions market. Its pricing system is transparent and it offers customisable services to SMEs and large businesses alike. All its products come with reporting and monitoring tools to help clients keep track of their transactions. Support is also available 24/7.

Disclaimer: All prices quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.