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Skrill has over 36 million merchant and non-merchant account holders worldwide, all of whom are registered Skrill payment gateway users.

Skrill offers customers an easy platform to pay for their transactions without having to enclose their financial particulars. Its vast and global payment network gives merchants and buyers over 100 options for making and receiving payments.

The Skrill payment gateway offers buyers a convenient and direct sign-in process which takes no more than a few minutes.  It quickly notifies merchants whenever a transaction is successfully completed, thus ensuring fast and timely shipping of goods.


  1. Skrill’s Background
  2. Skrill Merchant Services: What’s On Offer
  3. Skrill Cost + Fees
  4. Summary


Skrill was initially formed as Moneybookers back in June 2001. The company launched its website in 2002. It was the pioneer behind the concept of using just an email and password to complete online money transactions and transfers. In 2007 it was bought out by Investcorp Technology Partners. In 2010, Moneybookers began revamping itself and was reborn as Skrill with an even more active campaign to make itself a global company.

Skrill has been ranked as the fastest growing money transfer and merchant account company in the UK and is a market leader in online money services.

What’s on Offer

1.  Skrill Digital Wallet

Skrill Digital Wallet allows your customers to complete the checkout process just by using their passwords. This service lets you accept payments in over 39 currencies and in 200 countries using the Skrill Digital Wallet service. The Digital Wallet allows you to accept even bank payments without your customers having to leave your website. It makes use of mobile technology that lets your customers use their smart phones or tablets to make payments. It’s also a great tool for making mass payouts to your suppliers.

2.  Alternative Payments

Skrill offers a variety of payment preferences according to each country it operates in. This allows your customers to pay you in their preferred currency and gives you the opportunity to widen your reach. Skrill has over 23 local and foreign payment methods which are fully backed by over 70 banks worldwide.

3.  Global Card Processing

Using Skrill’s Global Card Processing service gives you the freedom to process payments using all mainstream debit and credit card services through a single payment gateway. You can customise your checkout process, take card payments over the phone and by mail and securely store your customers’ card details through tokenized payments.

You can sign up for a Skrill merchant account without having to pay any setup fees. Here is the current pricing schedule:

Pricing Structure

Estimated Monthly Sales VolumeMonthly feeUK MerchantsEuropean Merchants**Non-European Merchants
up to $€2,500€$19.952.90% + £0.202.90% + €0.253.90% + €0.35
$€2,500.01 - €$25,000$19.952.40% + £0.202.50% + €0.253.50% + €0.35
€$25,000.01 - €$50,000$19.951.90% + £0.202.10% + €0.253.10% + €0.35
more than €$50,000$19.951.40% + £0.201.90% + €0.252.90% + €0.35

or, in pounds sterling based on an exchange rate of £0.79 to €1.00 (correct as of 14/ Oct 2014)

Estimated Monthly Sales VolumeMonthly feeUK Merchants
up to £2,040£16.262.90% + £0.20
£2,040 - £20,400£16.262.40% + £0.20
£20,400 - €40,800£16.261.90% + £0.20
more than €40,800£16.261.40% + £0.20


Perhaps the most convenient of benefits that Skrill provides is a substantial degree of flexibility in processing payments from customers all over the world. Skrill’s payment gateway is highly compatible with a variety of shopping carts and is affiliated with major banks worldwide.

The system itself is easy to integrate into your website and allows you to take payments via mail or over the phone as well. It has the highest security standards in the industry. Its UK-based customer support team is available during office hours every day of the week.

Disclaimer: All prices quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.