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VeriFone is an international provider of payment solutions as well as point-of-sale hardware and software. It caters to businesses in various industries including finance, retail, petroleum, government, hospitality and health care.


  1. VeriFone’s Background
  2. VeriFone’s Merchant Account Services
  3. VeriFone’s Fees

VeriFone’s Background

VeriFone was founded in 1981 by Water Melton in Hawaii. The company was named after its first product, the verification telephone. It was acquired in 1997 by Hewlett-Packard who then sold it to Gores Technology Group four years later. The company was recapitalised by GTCR Golder Rauner in 2002 and became a public company in 2005.

VeriFone today has its main headquarters in California. It has sales and marketing offices spread across the world.

VeriFone Merchant Services: What’s on Offer

1. PAYware Merchant

The PAYWare Merchant service allows businesses to process online payments securely and smoothly. It is designed to handle high transaction volumes but can be easily scaled to fit any business size. This payment solution is perfect for merchants who want to keep full control of their card acceptance infrastructure as it allows for integration into their websites. The service comes with user-friendly reporting tools to help merchants keep track of transactions and cash flow.

2. PAYware Merchant Managed Service

This service is designed and easily customised to suit larger businesses who would like to outsource their card processing to ensure complete PCI DSS compliance. This service is capable of handling high transaction volumes at high speeds and uses completely secure software.

3. PAYware Ocius

This product is a complete bundle of hardware, software, payment gateway, encryption, estate management and value-added services to help businesses that use multiple channels (online, phone, mail or face to face) for card payment acceptance. This bundle is designed to make it easy and secure for merchants to handle transactions in different environments, and reporting tools are provided to help them keep track of transactions too.

VeriFone’s Fee Structure

All these products can be customised to the specific needs of each merchant client, hence, prices are only discussed upon consultation with a VeriFone representative.


VeriFone merchant account services take away the burden of finding a payment gateway that can securely handle large transaction numbers at high speeds. The payment gateway is protected against fraud and security breaches and comes with reporting and analysis tools to help businesses keep an eye on their transactions. Each type of service can be customised according to each client’s needs.

VeriFone has a UK-based help desk to give support to clients whenever they need it. The desk is open every day of the year, except Christmas.

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